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About Us

Peter & Robin Halper
Avid Runners, Founders of HSMS 

Peter & Robin HalperBeginning in 2011 our lives began to dramatically change. That change was brought about by running and an ever deepening belief that God loves us, no matter what, with all of His heart, soul, mind and strength.  This belief has become our true north and guides us in all that we do.  It has also become the name of our company! HSMS (heart, soul, mind, strength) with the compass point symbol placed at the center is a reminder to us of who we are and how we got here.

What We Do

HSMS meticulously handcrafts all of its running apparel for a growing number of runners who care about how, why and where their running apparel is made. No production is outsourced and all our garments are made in the USA.  State of the art equipment, including a Merrow ActiveSeam machine and carefully selected athletic material makes our running gear high performance garments that won't let you down. 

When you run in HSMS apparel you are improving the life of someone else.  HSMS gives back 10% of all sales to a few charities that are committed to improving the lives of others, some through the sport of running.  We produce running apparel that has great value, not measured in dollars, but in a life changed.  See More About Our Giving HERE

In All That We Do

HSMS is motivated by 3 goals:

  1. No matter what, keep following our true north and our passion for running.
  2. Producing with our own hands the best running apparel that has real value.
  3. Creating a company that has the reputation of being a great place to work.

The best running apparel? Really? One of the life lessons running taught us early on was to never declare yourself as "I am now the best I could be."  When we first started running, a 10:00" mile seemed totally out of reach.  Eventually, with a lot of effort, we got there.  Had we declared at that point "we are at our best", then we never would have become stronger, faster runners.  HSMS will never declare for itself "We make the best running apparel".  It will always remain a goal that we strive for.  HSMS will let our customers and employees declare, "Yes, they are good!”


Coming Fall 2017
We will resume the development of our NEW line of apparel!